About Hair Angels

We are a local (Waianae, Oahu) and international www.hairangels.co.nz grown company, providing a unique yet vital and necessary service to families in our community, with many years of experience and training. We bring back sanity to families in our communities and pride ourselves with 100% satisfaction with follow-up appointments.

We offer a specialized and trusted on-site head lice removal service. We use only non-toxic products. We do not promote the use of chemicals or pesticides on your children, and we offer a fair and reasonable price.

The idea for Hair Angels started when two sisters residing in New Zealand and in Hawaii noticed that kind, caring people in other countries were providing this kind of service. It just goes to prove that there is a need for people who need expert help to keep children’s heads clean and healthy.

We are well aware of the old & strict Department of Education absentee and “No Nit” policies.

If your child has head lice (uku's), they are removed from school and cannot return until they have been cleaned & cleared. Our goal is to minimize this interruption and provide treatment in order to get them back in class in the least amount of time. The longer they are away from school because of a head lice infestation, the more they really miss out…Not to mention the lack of sleep they are deprived of.

We provide children with the latest gadgets to entertain them while we remove the lice, taking the stress away from you.

We provide mobile call-out head lice removal services and proudly serve families/whanau/Fanau, schools, daycare centers and organizations in our community.

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We Are Angels with a Mission to Clean-up our Community - One Head At a Time!

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