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At Hair Angels Hawaii we offer a specialized and trusted head lice removal service, using only non-toxic products, the right tools and a bit of Aloha in a child-friendly environment. We pride ourselves with 100% satisfaction.

Our aim is to get lice out safely from your children's heads, effectively and in a stress-free environment. Your children are entertained while we remove the lice, taking the stress away from them and from you.

Our goal is to provide treatment and minimize the disruption to your child's schooling and education.

We proudly serve families from schools, day-care centers and organizations in our community in all parts of the Island of Oahu.

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We offer a specialized and trusted mobile head lice removal service at a fair and reasonable price.

It's not about the head lice, it’s about the kids.
'Coz if you ain't got 'em out, then you still got 'em.

CONTACT HAIR ANGELS for all your Head Lice Removing Needs.

Contact Person: Angela Kila

We Are Angels with a Mission to Clean-up our Community -
One Head At a Time!

Email Angela Kila: hairangels@live.com
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